Frog Lube vs EDCi (corrosion testing)

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Frog Lube vs EDCi (corrosion testing)

Post by koimaster » February 11th 2021, 3:40pm

I'm in the process of testing many different products after being inspired by the Day at the Range testing... This is one of the most recent! Don't know if you guys care but I love this stuff

Thought you guys would be interested since these two are pretty common (EDCi is more recent though).

Testing is with a 4,000 ppm salt solution sprayed from a spray bottle. Each 1095 blade was blasted and degreased before application of the oil.

If you are interested in on going testing you can visit the other thread here. ... g.1748963/ ... g.1745859/

An example of EDCI companies ... _IbrIIccd0


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