Looked at ammo prices lately?

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Re: Looked at ammo prices lately?

Post by DocKlock » January 12th 2021, 8:42am

My younger son, who is a huge re-loader, is gradually plowing thru his stash of small pistol/rifle primers. Many years ago, at a gun shows, we bought at least 50,000 primers in various sizes. Over the years, we are down to "hoarding" status now.
We bought bricks of .22 for under $10. AND believe me, we bought many, many dozens of them. Over 25 years go, when a local store went out of business, I bought 15,000 rounds of CCI Mini-Mags at a ridiculous price and I'm still using them now. I used to buy 12-pound kegs of Red Dot for both shotgun and target loads for pistol at unthinkable low prices back then.
My FFL guy said that small pistol primers are going for $100 a thou, if available ---- we bought in at $10 a thou (many years ago) and the price stayed stable for several years at $10.
Whatever the reason the huge increase and the lack of supply has a lot of 'conspiracy theories' at least on my part.
Apparently when Remington (in New York State) went belly up, primers began to get scarce as they made a lot of ammo under their name at the time.
Maybe it's like with the start of the Covid Crisis and toilet paper was like gold and you couldn't find any.
Wearing my tinfoil hat, I believe it is a long planned plot to remove guns from society. Eliminate the 'ingredients' for reloading and eventually the supply of ammo will be non-existent.
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Re: Looked at ammo prices lately?

Post by Hawk » January 12th 2021, 9:09am

Occam's razor suggests panic to be just slightly more plausible than conspiracy.

I still have a couple cases of .40SW and better than 2K rounds of Korean surplus 30.06 in en bloc clips.

I haven't bought a new gun in a long time but somehow a Benelli M4 is calling my name - 12GA remains easy to come by.

About half of what remained after my Great Sell Off now resides in Thailand. Getting a license over there was pro-forma for the longest time but they recently tightened it up to restrict new ones only to Thai citizens. As a consequence my wife owns a SW Mod 29 and a Beretta Silver Pigeon III. Much to her surprise.
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Re: Looked at ammo prices lately?

Post by Mark1 » January 13th 2021, 4:38am

codguy wrote:
January 11th 2021, 10:56am
Let us know how the aluminum cased stuff works.

I have a (sizable) stash of brass cased Wolf Gold .223, purchased when it was cheaper than me reloading the sum of the components.

Best Christmas gifts I gave this year was some of my stored ammo to close friends/family members......... dam near brought tears of joy to the recipient's eyes.

I too bought several thousand of these when you could get them for about $250 or so per thousand. Don't know what they are going for now but I suspect it's a fair bit higher.
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