10 Best Handguns and Long Guns for the Trail

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10 Best Handguns and Long Guns for the Trail

Post by koimaster » January 1st 2021, 3:28pm

A trail gun is a firearm intended to accompany you outdoors. It has no specific purpose other than to be there if you need it. You might carry one while checking trail cameras in Virginia, riding ATVs in Texas, fishing for salmon in Alaska, or picking blackberries with the kids. A trail gun could be used for potting small game, killing snakes, shooting vermin, stopping a bear, or even self-defense. Your geographic location and the things you do outside will dictate the type of trail gun you need. Here are the 10 best choices, and all of them cost less than a grand. Pick one that best fits your pocketbook and lifestyle, and then hit the trail.

https://www.fieldandstream.com/story/gu ... pFiW-enyI8


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Re: 10 Best Handguns and Long Guns for the Trail

Post by biglove » January 8th 2021, 9:25pm

For the wilderness, I would choose 10mm Glock. Big enough to take down any mammal in North America.

Trail rifle preference would be a .30-.30 lever action.
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Re: 10 Best Handguns and Long Guns for the Trail

Post by jason_recliner » May 12th 2021, 11:32pm

boscoe wrote:
May 12th 2021, 9:12pm
Just got a Daniel Defense M4 DPW 300 blackout. Technically a pistol, 7-inch barrel.
Damn, that thing is badass. Can't believe it's legal. I want one!
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