8 Greatest Lever Guns Ever

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8 Greatest Lever Guns Ever

Post by koimaster » December 8th 2020, 3:50pm

They are turning up by the scores in used-gun racks, their wooden stocks battered and once-blued steel worn silver. The grandfathers who used them are afield in happier hunting grounds, and the grandkids who would have gotten them either don’t hunt or prefer something tactical.

The time of the lever as the Number One Gun has passed.

But from 1861 to 1918—from the Civil War to World War I—we were a lever-action nation. Lever rifles took us from the era of the muzzleloader to the modern bolt-action. Nor have we forgotten that. There is still no shortage of people to whom “deer rifle” means “lever action.”

Cowboy Action Shooters are behind Winchester’s re-introduction of the Model 1873. Marlin offers no fewer than 10 variations of the Model 1895, or you can go to any number of custom shops who will build you a hot-rodded 1895 for a great deal of money. Lever-action guns can shoot at long range, drop elephants, and print minute-of-angle groups. Doug Turnbull has transformed them into an art form with his magnificent restorations. And if you want an original gun, scars and all, you need only look to that used-gun rack.

https://www.fieldandstream.com/greatest ... guns-ever/


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Re: 8 Greatest Lever Guns Ever

Post by MAX » December 9th 2020, 5:01am

Ive been thinking about a lever action Henry. Need a nice long gun for Buffalo.
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Re: 8 Greatest Lever Guns Ever

Post by gerdson » December 9th 2020, 6:35am


The most famous from German point of view is probably the Henry - that is because way before Western movies would ever be done and shown in theaters, a German author called Karl May invented an Indian (Mescalero) chief of the name "Winnetou" and a German land surveyor called "Old Shatterhand". They became friends and blood brothers in the first volume of a series of books around their adventures. This was late 19th century "literature", which grew extremely popular in Germany and has been so since. I also read these books when a kid, and there were a couple of movies produced in the 60ies (imagine a "where were You when Winnetou died", then You know how much it really means for German lore). Other famous protagonists of his books were "Old Firehand" and "Old Surehand"... sorry about that. Anyways, "Old Shatterhand" did own a Henry, the famous "Henry Stutzen" (a Stutzen is the German word for a short-barreled, carbine-type hunting rifle).
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