Panerai Papers”

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Panerai Papers”

Post by koimaster » February 2nd 2021, 11:50pm

According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry counterfeiters are a big problem to the watch industry. The Federation states that fakes “drain brands of their substance, threaten existing jobs, harm the environment and endanger the health of consumers”. In addition, they also state that “the fake goods industry finances criminal organisations linked to drug trafficking, gambling, prostitution, extortion, money laundering and human trafficking”.

As a result, counterfeiters are being fought tooth and nail by the watch industry. Counterfeit watches are also a huge problem for potential watch buyers out there. With a marketplace potentially littered with fake watches that are increasingly difficult to distinguish from the genuine articles, one needs to tread carefully. Fortunately, there are voices in the community that try and help us navigate the marketplace.

Two such voices are Wristbusters and Perezcope (also known as Jose Pereztroika). If you are not familiar with them yet, Wristbusters and Perezcope are essentially providing the watch community with a free yet priceless service. The honourable service of arming said community with the knowledge needed to navigate the murky waters of the watch world. They are also known for being very thorough in their research and at times for being as subtle as a runaway bulldozer. As the saying goes, one can not make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. It is worth giving their accounts on Instagram a follow if not yet the case. The last thing anyone in this community wants is to unwittingly spend their hard earned money on a counterfeit watch. They might just help you avoid making such a mistake. ... Xgp5YB1ibM


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