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Re: Watch Gang

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » December 13th 2018, 1:49pm

Of the watches listed, the Citizen and the Fortuna chrono don't blow. I like that chrono, looks very 1940s.

The other 10 suck cock.
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Re: Watch Gang

Post by bbattle » August 10th 2019, 6:09am

I remember the old Columbia House Records club where you had to remember to send that card back to them or they send you a Debbie Boone or The Chipmunks sing Village People album.

They do this monthly thing with a lot of products these days. It probably wouldn't matter if the watches didn't even work, so long as they looked "Badass". Banzinga!

So at the end of the year, you've spent a thousand dollars and have 12 watches. They remind me of the $65 Citizen eco drives I started with. At least they can trade in the members exchange room like baseball cards or comic books.

Are they getting factory seconds at a huge discount and unloading them on unsuspecting Gen Y urban nomads?
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Re: Watch Gang

Post by biglove » August 10th 2019, 12:26pm

Most of their brands are shit no one ever heard of before WG. I suspect they are having them produced and setting up these fake brands to give the illusion of value.

Occasionally they are sending out bulk purchased old stock. Or they buyout stock from a failing micro.

The MSRP on their watches is total bullshit. And if you actually see one you like, don't worry, you can get it on eBay for $55-$120 with ease as dozens of WG members try to unload their shitty watches month after month there.

Saw a guy trying to unload 6 months worth of this crap at $200/watch. Zero bites on the FB group post.

The horological equivalent of ordering a steak, advertised as Waygu, that is really just sirloin with a lot of fat.
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