Where we start ??????

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Where we start ??????

Post by eddiea » December 19th 2014, 6:08pm

Rolex been the first watch to stepped on top of Everest bullshit? Omega been instrumental in bringing the crew of the disabled Apollo 13 back to earth safely fairy tale? Tag/Seiko cal.1887 debacle?, Bremont "in-house manufacture" game of words ?, Doxa inventing the color orange (ok, I just made that one up ;) ).....
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Re: Where we start ??????

Post by TemerityB » December 19th 2014, 7:27pm

I'd mention stuff like "Swiss gold layering," "bonded at the molecular level," "specially harvested Mother Of Pearl," and "rare 2824 engines," but Invicta is an open-pimple on the runny ass of the watch world, so they don't really count. Yet, the biggest memories of mendacity come from the typical sources; here's a trip down loser lane though I don't think I'll ever get over Werner Klemperer bellowing that Renato was "the highest of the high end":


But I pick the Tag 1887 in a tie with Bremont. Both should have known a lot better.
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