Archie Luxury's latest tantrum

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Re: Archie Luxury's latest tantrum

Post by Pete26 » May 28th 2024, 11:27pm

Around 14:30 mark he answers a question about his comments. He was talking about a guy called Marcello and it was broadcast. I think the issue is that there is little or no regulation on Youtube or social media so you can away with saying horrible shit. Apparently Archie was saying things about ovens and what should happen to people like Marcello.
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Re: Archie Luxury's latest tantrum

Post by AlbertaTime » May 29th 2024, 6:33am

codguy wrote:
May 29th 2024, 5:53am
Well actually, YouTube only allows their kind of speech they align with--------
Yep--Youtube is already pretty censorious.

Censorship is for weaklings. I like freedom of expression--it leaves the morons out in the open where I can see and deal with them.
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