The Man Who Saved The El Primero

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The Man Who Saved The El Primero

Post by Racer-X » October 20th 2019, 12:30pm

"A local lad, born just about five miles away from Zenith’s manufacture in Le Locle, Charles Vermot spent the majority of his career working for Zenith's main chronograph supplier, Martel Watch Company, before finally joining Zenith in 1959 when it acquired his then-employer. Though no one could have known it then, Vermot would go on to play a seriously important part in Zenith's ongoing history, saving the vaunted El Primero movement from extinction." ... bly-zenith

Here is the missing video of Vermot telling the story. Click Closed Caption (CC), then click the Gear icon > Subtitles > Auto-translate > English.



Supplemental retelling by Watch Advisor channel:
"The Zenith El Primero calibre was presented 50 years ago. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
But only a few years later the very first automatic chronographs calibre measuring the 1/10th of a second should disappear again...
This is a very, very emotional video telling you the story why the legendary Zenith El Primero calibre survived when the quartz crisis hit Switzerland. The American owner of Zenith at the the time gave order to destroy all the tooling and components to manufacture the legendary El Primero calibre. But there was one guy at Zenith who said NO! NEVER!
Charles Vermot and his brother started hiding everything in the attic of the manufacturing building... Take some time and see this absolutely emotional video and discover this amazing story. A story that could have been written for a Hollywood block buster... "
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Re: The Man Who Saved The El Primero

Post by tiktok » October 22nd 2019, 1:47am

At Cellini, the most innovative read pricy watch store in my town, they had a watchmaker from Zenith assembling and dissembling Zeniths during their last open house. The brand is definitely positioning for bold new pieces.
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