Best and worst service experience

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Best and worst service experience

Post by ocean » September 18th 2022, 2:09pm

Talking about cars I started thinking about the best and worst experience at shop.

The very best experience I have ever had was in the 90’s at the Infinity dealership. First and foremost I was in a quandary when I talked to them, I had a 94 Acura integra biggest smoldering piece of crap ever designed. The car was at the shop for its third motor ( hydraulic ceased) in 1 year, air intake is less than 6 inches off ground. So I talked to a friend of a friend and in 3 days I was called and told to show up. Walked in and was taken to a 95 j30 asked me if I liked it yes but I couldn’t afford it especially if I’m upside down. Tested it asked again if I like it yes can’t afford it, takes me into financing and walk out paying 9 dollars less a month and a traded in pos. Fast forward about 3 years and the end of my 100k warranty 103,556 broke down towed in. Told I needed a new transmission and it is going to be covered by my warranty. I was blown away again by them going out of their way.

Worst experience hand down worst experience ever is a the local Chrysler. It was a 15/16 town and country with low mileage only a year or two old. Drop it off and get a call that it is the number 1 cylinder and to come in and talk about it. I go in and see the person I was talking to and she was bringing someone with her (?) she starts pulling out the print 8900 and then tries to introduce the sales person my first thought is your fucking with me and it’s a joke because I had already looked to see how much a new motor was installed (3600). She wasn’t joking and he was talking to m about trading it in right now I tell him to fuck off and get away from me and her to get my key and I’ll take care of the test. She’s telling me to really consider her friends offer to trade it I’m like if that’s the case I wouldn’t be doing business here ever. I take 30 miles north to another dealership and they call me when it was done 325 to reflash the computer. I asked about it and they tell me it happens occasionally and it’s no big deal. I drove to the other dealership but thought better of it because I know I have a short fuse at times.
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Re: Best and worst service experience

Post by smellody » September 18th 2022, 5:08pm

Since I have petrol in my blood, worked as a British car mechanic for five years, and trust no one... I do everything myself.

When my parents divorced, Dad purchased a new '83 Civic after Mom took the '82 Accord and moved us to the beach house.

Dad was going to get a Thunserbird but found the paint on every car on the lot equal to a spray can job that his nine year old soon could do.

As it was on warranty. Dad took the Civic to the dealership for oil changes and scheduled maintained. Good car and no problems, but in the first year after having the last oil change completed in 20 minutes he took a nail and scribed an x on the oild filter. On the next oil change, the x was still there. . . ..

Fast forward 20 years, the only brand new cars ever bought and ever will buy was a 2007 Patriot. All our friends were getting new cars and Dad, now retired, was working a second carrier selling jeeps. He applied all his discounts and we got a great deal. Since the car has a lifetime power train warranty, I documented all oil changes with the $9.99 oil changes sent to me by the dealership.

Same deal. . .. I inscribed an x with a pointed probe on the oil changes. The only vehicle I've ever owned that I didn't serviced returned with an oil change with the same "x" oil filter.

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I continue to trust NO ONE.
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