Corvette's Complete History, From C1 to C8

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Corvette's Complete History, From C1 to C8

Post by koimaster » October 24th 2020, 2:33pm

Chevrolet was in a sales slump in the early 1950s, and like many within the bow-tie division's ranks, brand manager Thomas Keating was eager to reverse course. His solution? Ordering up a sports car for General Motors' bread-and-butter nameplate. Produced under the code name Project Opel, the sports car was a distinctly American take on the era's British sports cars, cobbled together from a fiberglass body and a 3.9-liter (235-cubic-inch) straight-six engine mated to a two-speed automatic transmission (really). After making its debut to a warm reception at GM's 1953 Motorama show in New York City, the Corvette became the rare entrant to go on to be produced for customers. Too bad there wasn't much lust among buyers for the 300 1953 model Corvettes that Chevrolet ultimately built, an inauspicious start to the bloodline that became America's sports car. You already know there's a happy ending to this story, but swipe through to see how that story developed: ... XAudtSg80E


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Re: Corvette's Complete History, From C1 to C8

Post by MAX » October 25th 2020, 4:58am

Ive owned a few of those.

Although the cars may be better I kind of lost interest after 1982. Almost bought a 93 but opted for the new Trans Am then.

Rather have my 58, 62 , 66 or even 82 back.
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Re: Corvette's Complete History, From C1 to C8

Post by 3Flushes » October 25th 2020, 9:10am

I recently went to a Chevy store with a friend who was exchanging his company Suburban.

The new Vette was on the floor and I have to say while I haven't cared much for most of the modern versions, the latest completely sucks hind tit.
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Re: Corvette's Complete History, From C1 to C8

Post by Datsun240Z71 » October 25th 2020, 9:41am

The rear proportions on the C8 are somewhat unbalanced as they lengthened the car to accommodate the rear trunk suitable for golf clubs. The rear of the car has way too much going on around the taillights, exhaust etc.

Otherwise I like the rest. Got to sit in one but nothing more.

Every generation is an improvement over previous models, and still represent great bang for the buck, although the demand for C8 is skewing prices over MSRP in many areas.
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