The 2007 Lincoln Town Car Executive L Was A Piece Of Fucking Shit

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Re: The 2007 Lincoln Town Car Executive L Was A Piece Of Fucking Shit

Post by mrneddles » June 30th 2020, 8:43am

In the early 2000s, while still in training, we had a large medical convention in Orlando. At the time, all trainees were given a daily $50 stipend to cover meals and what not. Familiar with the layout of Orlando and the distance between my hotel and the convention center, I elected to use all of my daily stipend on a rental car. Rather than ride the deplorable convention center shuttles, I got the keys to a cherry red Town Car.

On the last night of the conference, we ate dinner as a program at some seafood joint near Disney. A couple of my attending superiors were staying at a hotel near mine, so I offered them a ride home after our meal. They rode comfortably in the leather lined seats, A/C keeping them cool, while I piloted Lincoln's generally unremarkable crowning achievement in limousine livery.

I will never forget one of my attendings who was beside himself in the back seat. Like a man breathing his last breaths, Dr. W just kept perseverating, "I could have had a Town Car, I've been paying over $50 in cab rides every day this week. I could have had a Town Car."

My status as the most savvy and pragmatic trainee in the program was cemented that evening. Thank you Lincoln Town Car!
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