The Last Convertable

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Re: The Last Convertable

Post by boscoe » April 8th 2020, 5:51am

My dad had a 67 Eldorado - it was a smoking fast car. I think a 457 engine. He would amuse me - and himself - by revving the engine when a car full of teens pulled up next to us, dropping into drive when the light changed and smoking the front tires.
He was a fat man who loved cigars. The image was perfect.
Meanwhile, my mom had a 1968 Bronze Caddy convertible with a white top and white leather interior. It was gorgeous, but the first year with a catalytic converter as I recall. Got 8 mph. Seriously. She swapped it for a 1968 Pontiac Bonneville convertible that was much faster and got an economic 12 mph. When I was a kid, that made sense. Now I'd figure the money lost on the trade in would buy lots of 28-cent-a-gallon gas.
Thanks for the photos guys.
Brought good memories.
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