Casio does Tiffany Blue

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Re: Casio does Tiffany Blue

Post by Racer-X » January 21st 2023, 8:27pm

robatsu wrote:
January 21st 2023, 7:06pm
The Seiko Cocktail Time is of course one of tre three most popular SARBS

High bar there. Never owned one myself, the SDGZ015 kinda scratched that same itch

Ice blue, sunburst in this case, one of the classic colors for mens watches.

It’s a great color for watches, lotta energy on your wrist, and you can wear it a long time without getting sick of it

And not a bad color for your living room or a summer dress for your better half

I always liked the light blue Cocktail Time. Just a bit big for me, and big for a dress watch IMO at 40.5mm and 47mm lug to lug.
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Re: Casio does Tiffany Blue

Post by smellody » January 21st 2023, 8:28pm

robatsu wrote:
January 21st 2023, 8:23pm
Btw as to the effeminacy alleged to the color

I live this color, always have. Table stakes with me is four years in Marine infantry or equivalent amd better have lotsa raises from there if you want to sling around that sort of thing

Me I could give a shit but i didn’t bring up the topic or frame things this way.

Toxic stuff. Wish it would get modded out.
I like it very much. My dream is a platinum ice day-date when I grow up! Smells has no trouble or problem wearing any color (colour to our friends across the pond and down under)
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