Review (with Video): Omega x Swatch

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Review (with Video): Omega x Swatch

Post by koimaster » November 9th 2022, 12:47pm

This is not a review I could have predicted writing. Not even close. If you had told me that in my lifetime, let alone within 11 years of starting Worn & Wound, I was going to be reviewing a plastic, quartz Speedmaster that only costs $260, I would have laughed. Hell, even if someone had asked me if I thought such a thing would happen, I would have laughed and said, “sure, when monkeys fly out of my butt.” But here we are in 2022, and I am writing this review. A review of perhaps the most Worn & Wound watch I could ever imagine. I suppose if the last few years, nay months, have taught me anything it’s that we live in a timeline where the unthinkable is probably what we should expect.

It’s far from breaking news at this point that on March 24th the Omega x Swatch BioCeramic Speedmaster MoonSwatch was released. A series of 11 timepieces in a variety of colors, all based on the Speedmaster Professional case and design, each inspired by a different body in our solar system. Reactions ranged from pure joy to utter confusion to misplaced rage. No matter the reaction, they were big, and reached well beyond the confines of the watch enthusiast crowd. ... o-jupiter/


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