MoonSwatch Data

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MoonSwatch Data

Post by koimaster » May 2nd 2022, 9:41am

it is fair to say that Swatch's recent release of the Omega Speedmaster-inspired "MoonSwatch" is, thusfar, 2022's highwater mark for consumer interest in timepieces.
When Swatch boutiques opened their stores on launch day, they were met by long lines that were reminiscent of the mobs who sought Cabbage Patch dolls during Christmas, 1983. There were even reports of scuffles. Everything sold out and we're still waiting for promised online sales to begin (if they every do).

It is hard to find fault with any aspect of this particular product launch. It's said that the role of a central bank is to take away the punchbowl when the party starts to get good. So, in that great tradition, I will spend a bit of time discussing how the product release could have been better when it came to Swatch's bottom line. I really couldn't call myself a dismal scientist if I did otherwise. ... -data.html


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Re: MoonSwatch Data

Post by 3Flushes » May 3rd 2022, 2:25am

The demand for these surprised the hell out of me as it apparently did SWATCH given the watches sold out even before they could take them online as initially announced.

The interesting thing is how the scarcity of the MoonSwatches, although apparently unanticipated or unintended by SWATCH, fomented strong demand, created an over sticker price flipper's frenzy, and fueled the market for fakes.

Compelling then is that the Rolex (lux goods) effect generated by underproducing to meet demand seemingly generalizes across the sweep of quality and price given strong demand. In the case of the MoonSwatch, buoyant demand was created through the alchemy of storied heritage, superlative hype, and ultimately not enough product to go around.

Given the legendary brands of the SWATCH Group, I'd bet the farm on future releases using the same formula, by golly. Reverso or Fifty Fathoms Swatch anyone?
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