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Post by koimaster » April 6th 2021, 11:14am

The Timex Q line continues to expand with the introduction of the Q Timex 1978 Reissue, announced today. The Q has become a signature product for Timex since the release of the first Q reissue in the summer of 2019. The winning formula seems to be retro charm plus affordability, and with Timex’s extensive back catalog, the possibilities for future Qs are nearly endless. The new 1978 edition is a somewhat more refined take on the old-school quartz sports watch than the original Q, which featured sharp angles and a pseudo-integrated bracelet.

Readers and Q fans will recall that Timex released the Q “Marmont” back in December, and it would appear that this version essentially borrows a case shape from that edition, and loses the gold plating for a more casual, everyday vibe. This is a stainless steel cushion case measuring 37mm in diameter with polished surfaces and a domed acrylic crystal. The standout feature on this watch might be the dial, which is silver in color and appears to have a very subtle linen pattern running vertically across its surface. Even more than the case shape and the simple quartz movement, it’s this detail that really screams late 70s. This was a popular texture on Rolex Datejusts and other watches, and dials with these types of patterns are highly collectible and not often reproduced for modern consumers. ... dx86ipJNFk


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