What Sort Of Man Watches Evine?

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What Sort Of Man Watches Evine?

Post by koimaster » September 25th 2020, 4:29pm

“These are watches we can never keep in stock, but today…”
– Brand rep Justin Zimmer selling a marked-down Black Panther-themed Invicta watch, during an Evine broadcast titled “Invicta Warehouse Sale,” January 19, 2019

Our headline is pinched from the headline on the full-page self-ads that Playboy ran in its monthly issues for decades. For those who’ve never read Playboy or despise it for its nudity (or period sexism, or even for its at-the-time daring open-mindedness), these ads weren’t what you’d think they were: Playboy actually was hyping the concept that well-educated men read the ground-breaking magazine for the articles on fashion, mores, sporting equipment, trends, and more. According to Playboy itself, those who read this magazine full of photos of beautiful nude women weren’t buying it just to salivate – they were buying it to educate themselves, to become more rounded, more aware, more attractive, and seemingly, more of a gentleman.

https://phluffswatchstuff.wordpress.com ... hes-evine/


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Re: What Sort Of Man Watches Evine?

Post by biglove » September 25th 2020, 5:31pm

Phluff needs to write about the likes of Bazinga.
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Re: What Sort Of Man Watches Evine?

Post by Bahoomba » September 25th 2020, 10:03pm

Eddie recently gave this place a shoutout in an article he wrote online:

Time For A Rush On Rolex
By Eddie P.

Recently, the excellent, freewheeling watch forum Watchlords.com featured a photo taken this past week. The photo showed an Oregon store with waiting customers snaking out of the store, outside the building, and forming a line into the street (see it HERE).

What was happening – a new iPhone release date? Another Soup Nazi location? People displaying good social distancing while waiting to place lunch orders? Not this time: This was a photo of an authorized Rolex dealer on September 1, the day the company’s new Oyster Perpetual, Datejust, Sky-Dweller, and Submariner models hit the streets. Watch collectors have waited all year for new Rolex models – truth be hold, ANY Rolex models, new or old – and these people were in the mood not only to shop, but to buy.

Given the circumstances, if you’re in the market for a new Rolex watch (even as a Christmas gift) in 2020, contact your authorized dealer now. Not in a month, not during the holiday buying season, but right now, right this instant, don’t wait a moment longer. The interest in the most famous luxury watch brand has never been higher, and the watch-buying public seems quite keen on the newest models.

Here’s what’s new: There’s a new line of 41mm Oyster Perpetuals (replacing the entire 39mm line), and several of the models are available in bright new colors as well … Of course, the new Submariner is what many sports watch buyers have been waiting for with baited breath. The one models are also 41mm, with a sleeker, slightly thinner case, an improved bracelet, and more new colors (the “Hulk” is gone, replaced with a new green-bezeled model) … There are three new high-end versions of the Sky-Dweller; two are in everose gold, the other in spectacular yellow gold … There’s a new quartet of 31mm Datejusts, each combining Oystersteel and 18 ct white gold. Our favorite is a green model that’s one of the most beautiful Datejusts ever offered. Check out all the new models HERE.

Even classic Submariners such as this one are subject to wild price increases as the market for new Rolex models reaches a fever pitch.
All of this not only has people lining up for these new models, but the secondary market is going wild, with some older models (yeah, think the older green Submariner) selling for thousands more than its original list price online. It’s wild out there already – so if you’re thinking of a new Rolex watch, get on it, right now. I mean, what are you doing still here? Call your AD immediately, and be nice; thankfully, at least some retailers may even have a spectacular month in September – and that’s a rarity in the current economic climate.

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