A Trio From Avi-8

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A Trio From Avi-8

Post by koimaster » August 11th 2020, 12:18pm

I’ve been spending some time this past week with three watches from AVI-8. All slightly different but all very unmistakably AVI-8 in design. If you haven’t heard of AVI-8, they manufacture a bewildering line of aviation-themed and inspired watches that always feature interesting and exciting dial designs with a very affordable price tag.

The three watches I want to talk about today don’t stray very far from what has made AVI-8 a trendy brand at this price point. This isn’t a detailed review, but more of a teaser for the three of them and for one that I think stands out a little more and I’m sure will be very popular for the brand.
The Watches:

Avi-8 Patriot Automatic Limited Edition P-51 Mustang
Price: £450; £382.50 using 15% off code WIAB
Avi-8 Flyboy Engineer Automatic
Price: £225; £191.25 using 15% off code WIAB
Avi-8 Type 300 Automatic
Price: £330; £280.50 using 15% off code WIAB

Firstly, what’s similar? Well, all three are three-hander automatics featuring a Japanese movement (NH35). All are made from stainless steel, all feature a date function, all of them have sapphire crystals with anti-reflective coating, and all have a very favourable lug width of 22mm. They all feature lumed hands and indices, so when things get dark, they will remain legible.

From here, the watches take similar but differing paths. Both the Flyboy Engineer and the Type 300 Automatic come in at 42mm in diameter and come on stainless steel bracelets. The Flyboys bracelet is almost a jubilee style while the Type 300 is in a more oyster style. Both have milled security clasps and overall are very solid in their feel. The Patriot, in this instance, is the odd one out in the bracelet category and comes on a very nice leather strap. The leather is very soft and supple but feels like it will last and is very comfortable on the wrist. The Patriot is also the biggest of the three at 43mm, but because of the leather strap this is also the lightest overall on the wrist

https://www.watchitallabout.com/a-trio- ... rtype-300/


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Re: A Trio From Avi-8

Post by biglove » August 11th 2020, 5:34pm

A trio of nope.
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