San Martin A1611 Review: Bronze Budget Flieger

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Re: San Martin A1611 Review: Bronze Budget Flieger

Post by biglove » December 13th 2019, 9:27pm

bbattle wrote:
December 13th 2019, 8:42pm
Wow, San Martin really shooting themselves in the foot on this.

And where is this file that was supposed to come with a bronze watch?
There wasn’t one.

I have asked for half my money back. They have refused but offered to let me send back to them so they can refinish it and return to me (fat chance I go for that BS) or a refund if returned. Honestly, considering how they have handled this, I don’t trust them to issue a refund. I sure as hell don’t trust them to correct the finishing.

So Chase will get a dispute call Monday and I will post San Martin’s shitty QC and responses all over social media over the next few days.

Hope their ship sinks, the fucksticks.
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