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Hvitsten Christiania; Norwegian Elegance

Posted: November 3rd 2015, 9:29am
by koimaster
When traveling through the world of affordable watches you sometimes stand in disbelief, like with the Hvitsten Christiania. This watch should not be available for this price. In fact you might even suspect that the price-tag of the Christiania is the result of some market penetration scheme, where the owners have to add 100 euro’s of their own money for every watch they sell. The truth is far from that, and actually a clever mix of skilled entrepreneurship, a generous dose of passion, and a clear mind when it comes profit-marigins.


That clear mind is probably thanks to the clean and clear air in Hvitsten, Norway. Yes, the brand is named after one of the smallest towns in Norway, but what a town it is. Located by the fjord it is an idyllic place, that except for the water has a lot in common with those tiny little Swiss villages where watchmaking has been practiced for century. A place that keeps you level-headed, and the Christiania in certainly proof of that. ... -elegance/

I personally like the Aurora collection out of the three, although not a huge fan of the ETA clone, Sellita cal. SW200