Tim Temple's Newest NatGeo Expedition!

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Re: Tim Temple's Newest NatGeo Expedition!

Post by conjurer » December 27th 2011, 10:14pm

Interestingly, not to give this thread a totally undeserving bump, but I was watching TT tonight on Shop, and he was talking about one of his NatGeo tours.

I googled "Tim Temple National Geographic" and this was the first thing to pop up; I saw no other google hits referring to his expeditions.
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Re: Tim Temple's Newest NatGeo Expedition!

Post by arubalou » December 29th 2011, 6:43am

The next day we found ourselves in the clutches of the Bunga-Bunga, who were, like most civilized people, unimpressed by the broken Invicta watches and Sand-Blaster sandals.

man how do you come up with these?? you could write professionally!!
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Re: Tim Temple's Newest NatGeo Expedition!

Post by Luftwafflles » September 8th 2013, 12:47am

Great story. Briefly reminded me of the "yum yum eat 'um up" chap from the Little Rascals. Only I think Temple should have been unga-ed, bunga-ed, and bead blasted. While all the Slop reps are craven liars, Temple is the only one I've seen that tells the poor bastards to "find the money", and "you must get this now". Really kind of loathe the prick.
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Re: Tim Temple's Newest NatGeo Expedition!

Post by AJC » September 9th 2013, 1:31pm

conjurer wrote:Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen!

Those weren't kind words, I really want an encore GODAMIT!©

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Re: Tim Temple's Newest NatGeo Expedition!

Post by Mark1 » November 15th 2015, 9:05pm

Damn! I thought we were get another installment. Sadly, I let my subscription to NG lapse. Was hoping Timmy was traversing the dark continent yet again.
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Re: Tim Temple's Newest NatGeo Expedition!

Post by DocKlock » January 26th 2023, 8:39am

Now that you've become a High Muckety-Muck (and rightly so) can us lesser pee-ons expect more of your writings and ramblings??
For instance:
Do you still like to raise Dobermans and ferrets?
Do you still have the hots for Susan Boyle?
Who has the "work car" for the Barrens?
Updates of the Lalo's penchant for baked beans??
Inquiring minds want to know.
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Re: Tim Temple's Newest NatGeo Expedition!

Post by JAS1125 » January 26th 2023, 12:13pm

Interestingly, I read on Facebook that Temple was told no more watch shows, as he was deemed "too difficult to work with"

I seldom watch anymore, but when I do manage to catch a show the hosts now are complete idiots
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