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Visit To Casio G-Shock Watch Headquarters

Posted: October 24th 2016, 10:12am
by koimaster
It was 1983 in Japan when Casio first released the now famous G-Shock watch collection. Its inventor, Mr. Kikuo Ibe developed the durability-themed watch quietly with an intent to end the frustration with what he and others felt was an industry of fragile timepieces. When it was first released, the modern-looking plastic watches were intended to appeal to active professionals such as police officers, construction workers, and emergency rescue personnel who needed timepieces that they didn’t need to worry about. Over the last 30 or so years, the Casio G-Shock has indeed been extremely popular with these groups of consumers, but as a product its popularity went far beyond its existence as a useful tool worn on the wrist.

A Quick History Of The Casio G-Shock

The brilliance of G-Shock wasn’t apparent at the time when it was first released, as it was radically tech-themed and nerdy in a time when most Japanese business professionals still adhered to the classic dress watch look so deeply engrained in the hierarchical business structure of the society. Brands like Seiko and Citizen had elaborate dress watch collections with specific models intended for people to get in steps as they went up the corporate ladder. Sport watches were for, well… sports. And it wasn’t easy to adapt the society’s way of thinking from preferring a more traditional metal dress watch to something black and plastic. ... -cool-fun/