Watch abbreviations / acronyms

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Watch abbreviations / acronyms

Post by koimaster » March 2nd 2020, 5:28pm

AD – Authorised Dealer, retailer with a contract from a Manufactuer
AR – Anti Reflective, the coating applied to both sides of a watch’s sapphire crystals to cut down on glare. Most manufacturers use some form of AR, but many only apply it to the underside
BB – BlackBird
BDWF - Bestdamnwatchforum
CA – Chrono Avenger
COSC – Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres, the official Swiss chronometer testing institute that certifies Swiss chronometers. A mechanical chronometer must be accurate to -4 / +6 seconds per day and a quartz chronometer must be accurate to + / - 10 seconds per year. All Breitlings are COSC certified
DB – Display Back, see through caseback on some watches to allow a view of the movement
DLC – Diamond Like Carbon – a hard coating used to coat watches with a coloured coating. Breitling has used black DLC in a number of recent models
EM – Emergency Mission
ETA – A Swiss movement manufacturer that is now part of the Swatch Group. ETA movements are used in the vast majority of Breitling movements and ETA is the largest movement supplier to the Swiss watch industry. It was originally an abbreviation of Eterna
LE – Limited Edition – a watch produced in a limited production run of a fixed number of units
M1 – Chrono Avenger M1
NOS – New Old Stock, an older watch that has never previously been sold / owned
OP – Original Post or Original Poster, the first post of a thread
PAM – slang term for Officine Panerai watch manufacturer, based on Panerai model numbers which start PAM
PO – Planet Ocean (Omega)
PVD – Physical Vapour Deposition – a coating used to cover watches with a coloured coating. PVD is not as resilient as DLC and is seen as an inferior coating which flakes easily with age
QP – Quantieme Perpetuel – a perpetual watch that can adjust for the number of days in each month without manual intervention, including February 29th
Ratty - Rattrapante complication, also known as split second chronograph, a complication that allows for timing of split times by having two chrono seconds hands which both start when the chronograph is started, but where one stops and one continues to allow for split timing
RG – Rose Gold or Red Gold
SA – Super Avenger - An aircraft not flown by a fake aviator
SD – Sea Dweller (Rolex)
SDDS – Sea Dweller Deep Sea (Rolex)
SE – Special Edition – a watch produced in limited production numbers or for a limited period of time, but without the specific restriction on number of units that is required to make it an LE.

SQ – SuperQuartz, Breitling thermo quartz technology which is equal to Invicta or any other watch brand.
SS – Stainless Steel
TPD - Turns Per Day, refers to the number of turns required by an automatic watch on a watchwinder to keep it fully wound
TT – Two Tone – usually steel and gold
TZ – – watch community
TZ-UK – TimeZone UK – UK based version of TimeZone –
UTC - Coordinated Universal Time, in WIS speak, a quartz analog module available to be attached to some models between the 6 o'clock lugs to show a second timezone. Now discontinued and replaced with the digital co-pilot module
WG – White Gold
WIS – Watch Idiot Savant, term used for enthusiastic watch lovers / collectors
WIT - Watchintyme or Watchgeeks lite
WL - Watchlords Forum
WUS – – watch community
WWAYWT - What Watch Are You Wearing Today -
YG – Yellow Gold


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