Sales abbreviations / acronyms Part 1

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Sales abbreviations / acronyms Part 1

Post by koimaster » March 2nd 2020, 5:25pm

B&P - Box and Papers
BNIB – Brand New In Box
BTT – Back to Top, returning an ad to the top of the list
Bump – returning an ad to the top of the list – ‘bumping it up’
CONUS – Contiguous US, usually an indication that a watch will only be shipped to the lower 48 states
FS – For Sale
FSOT – For Sale or Trade
FT – For Trade
LNIB - Like New In Box - used but in mint condition, like it was brand new
MSRP – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price – the manufacturer’s list or published price for the watch
NIB – New in Box
OBO – Or Best Offer
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer - generally refers to bezels or straps when watch related and means that the strap or bezel was produced by the watch manufacturer, not aftermarket
OHPF – On Hold Pending Funds
ONO – Or Nearest Offer or Or Near Offer
OVNO – Or Very Near Offer
RMSD – Royal Mail Special Delivery – shipping method from the UK
RRP – Recommended Retail Price, same as MSRP
TTT – To The Top, returning an ad to the top of the list
WHY – What Have You (Got), asking potential traders / sellers to identify items that meet stated criteria
WTB – Want to Buy
WTS – Want to Sell
WTT – Want to Trade

In addition to these, many sellers will use the rating system to grade their watches. These are easy to tell based on the percentage that the seller provides. The below is an exact copy from of their rating system:

Grading system

Please keep in mind that to be listed on a TimeZone sales board, a watch must be pre-owned and have been worn. Pre-owned means sold to a retail customer and no open papers.


A pre-owned watch that has been worn, yet is in perfect condition. Accompanied by the factory box(es), tags and documentation. No alterations from factory-delivered condition. The warranty papers must be stamped to establish the authenticity and validity of the watch - TimeZone does not allow sales of watches with "open papers." No bracelet resizing or marks of any kind. 100%


A pre-owned watch that is in very nearly perfect condition. Signs of wear are visible with a low powered loupe. May be a watch that is in LNIB condition but not accompanied by the factory box(es) or documentation. May refer to an older watch that has been restored, so long as the restoration returned the watch to very nearly perfect factory original condition. Working perfectly, keeping excellent time, needs nothing. 98-100%

Near Mint

Showing very light signs of wear. Faint scratches on the case, bezel, bracelet or buckle are visible to the naked eye. Completely original in every way. Strap shows light use - may be bent or lightly creased, but not stained. Bracelet may be resized. The watch is working perfectly, keeping very good time and needs nothing. 93-97%


Evidence of use is visible to the unaided eye. Scratches are light, but more numerous than "near mint". If the watch has been restored, all original replacement parts have been used. Strap clearly used but no stains. No dents or dings are detectable, and the bracelet has little wear. Working perfectly, needs no repair or service. 88-92%

Very good

The watch shows what might be considered normal wear by a careful owner who wore the watch regularly. Scratches are evident, but no nicks or dings. May have replacement parts and/or a high quality redial. Running and keeping good time, though may need minor regulation. A sound, attractive presentation overall. 83-87%


Nothing fundamentally wrong with the watch, though it has quite obviously been used. Running and wearable, but may gain or lose a few minutes over 24 hours. Case may show a few dings, nicks, or deep scratches. May have a redial that is not up to high standards. May not have all original parts. 77-82%


Well used, may require service and/or restoration to be useable. May be running erratically. Dial, case, and other major components may not be original, but no pieces are missing. Even an untrained eye could tell the watch is worse for wear. Some might call it rough. 72-76%


Shows abuse, requires service and/or restoration. May have major cosmetic flaws, missing parts, may not run at all. A speculative piece - 'fixer-upper' would be too generous. Not junk, but requires lots of work to be made wearable. 66-71%

Scrap / Parts

A collection of parts that at one time may have been a functioning timekeeper. Now missing parts, may be rusted or corroded, not worth restoring. Most people would call it junk. 64% or worse.


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