hybrid smartwatch with a useful display

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hybrid smartwatch with a useful display

Post by koimaster » November 8th 2022, 12:55pm

Garmin already sells hybrid smartwatches like the Vivomove, but they're really not meant for hikes and other outdoor expeditions. The company is addressing that gap today with its just-launched Instinct Crossover. You'll get a familiar mix of analog hands with smartwatch features like activity tracking and notifications (on an actually-useful display that's rare for hybrids), but in a rugged design that can handle contact with nature. It reportedly meets US military standards for dust, shock, temperature and water resistance, and its 10ATM rating lets it survive dives down to 328 feet. There's even a Tactical Edition that supports dual-format GPS, night vision compatibility and a kill switch.

The battery life is also strong compared to other rugged smartwatches, and even some hybrids. Garmin claims the standard Instinct Crossover lasts almost a month on a charge with full smartwatch features, and 110 hours with GPS tracking. You can easily use this for a weekend camping trip. Not surprisingly, the Solar Edition lasts much longer. It can run for up to 70 days in smartwatch mode when there's adequate light, and it has effectively "infinite" longevity if you're willing to use a battery saver mode that limits you to basics like time and a stopwatch.

https://www.engadget.com/garmin-instinc ... 24799.html


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Re: hybrid smartwatch with a useful display

Post by bbattle » November 8th 2022, 6:49pm

Garmin is well known for their cycling computers that have all these cool features. To put them on a smartwatch is really cool and makes the apps more useful for runners, hikers, etc. Garmin sponsored an American World Tour cycling team for several years; they were always punching above their weight so were one of my favorite teams.

Me? I am such a Luddite but I'll peruse a few maps online before embarking on a 50 mile or so ride on my bicycle. But if I glance an interesting road, be it left or right, I'm on down that road in search of adventure. Yes, I have gotten befuddled, turned around, lost and have had to rely on dead reckoning to get me back on course towards my car. So sometimes I think about getting one of these gps/odometer/speedometer/whatever else you want devices. But then I think, what's the fun in knowing exactly where you are all the time?
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