CASIO AE1200, PART 1 & 2

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CASIO AE1200, PART 1 & 2

Post by koimaster » April 10th 2021, 11:26pm

Ok. I’ll admit that I’m an analog snob. I like a wide variety of watches. I’ll buy quartz. I’ll even choose quartz over mechanical if it’s the right watch, but a digital? Not happening. Vintage Pulsar? Nope. Timex Ironman? Nah. I’d browse the Casio site, skimming their catalog of what must be a million G-Shocks, and think, “meh, not for me.” Even the F91W – the dime store darling of the watch world – does nothing for me. Then I stumbled upon an article about the Casio AE1200 and a light went on. It was not a bad-looking watch, not too big, and crazy cheap. A couple of weeks later, I had a small AE1200 collection, which I will review for you today. ... art-1.html


So if you recall, in Casio AE1200, Part 1: The Review, I discovered this tidy little digital gem and rapidly acquired a small collection of them. In part the second, I will tell you how I set abo

Removing Text

Right off the bat, I had issues with all the text on the case and dial. It is a lot by any standard, most of it is unnecessary, and some is downright ugly, like the “Word Time” and “Illuminator” emblazoned across the case. That just had to go. Some quick Googling told me that rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, and Goo Gone all would work. I tried all three, which turned out to be four by the time I was done.

Rubbing alcohol seemed like the safest option, so I got my silver Casio, a Q-Tip, and set to work. I think I can safely say that rubbing alcohol works about as well as cold water and warm wishes – not what I would call a roaring success. After much rubbing and zero progress, I gave up on it. ... ime+Bum%29


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