2019 Mudmaster

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Re: 2019 Mudmaster

Post by foghorn » August 10th 2019, 3:03pm

Rusty wrote:
August 10th 2019, 2:24pm
foghorn wrote:
August 10th 2019, 7:31am
I liked it until I saw Bluetooth.
What is your objection to Bluetooth?

Not a fan of all the tech and connectivity stuff.
The only reason I bought the Apple watch (the ancient original version) was for the different watch face options. I have yet to use it for anything other than a watch. The Mickey Mouse option is my favorite because it talks to me.
I also like baseball without all the talk of launch angles,exit velocity (WTF is wrong with a "hard hit ball?), pitch counts, the elimination of take out slides, and wearing oven mitts for baserunning.

That's my objection.

Now get off my lawn!! :ber:
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