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The G-Shock Success Story

Posted: April 25th 2019, 11:45am
by koimaster
While Casio is best known for its watches today, the Japanese corporation actually got its start as the maker of the world’s first electric calculator in 1957. Watches only came along two decades later, during the depths of the Quartz Crisis, with the launch of the Casiotron digital watch in 1974.

Credit for Casio’s watchmaking success goes mostly to the G-Shock, with 100m units sold at last count. Despite being almost four decades old, the G-Shock, in its multitude of variations, remains a perennial strong seller and one of the biggest revenue drivers for the company, which turned over about US$2.8 billion in 2018.

At Baselworld last month I got the chance to discuss the history and success of the G-Shock with Yuichi Masuda, a 41-year veteran of the company who was there from the very beginning of the G-Shock. Trained as an engineer, Mr Masuda joined Casio in 1978, and shortly after took charge of the G-Shock project. He’s now the third most senior officer of the company – Senior Executive Managing Officer on the board of directors – and runs the Timepiece Business Unit. ... shock.html