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Zeon "Solsuno"

Post by bobbee » February 3rd 2017, 3:24am

Don't know if you have heard of this watch before, but I like it's quirkiness and it has some presence on the wrist too.
First made in the 1990's, it now comes in a bewildering amount of different models and "Limited Editions", etc.

At 42mm, and weighing in at around 170 grams, it is quite a hefty piece. Time is indicated by the moving lights, the large outer red light is the hour, next is the red minutes and the smaller inner ring has seconds which change every five seconds from red, to yellow, to green.

Pressing the top of the two operating buttons will show the time for fifteen seconds, then returns to a blank dial. Another press whilst lit and you get the day (Monday is at 12), press again for the year, month and date. Pressing both buttons simultaneously puts the dial into "flicker mode", where the time flickers every second. There are many different modes for alarm, hourly chime and key tones too.
The time, date and alarm are adjusted by frigging around a lot with both buttons. Not done this for a couple of years, but instructions can be found online: http://www.solsuno.com/solsunoinstructionenglish.pdf
Quite complicated. :scratch:

This first one I call the "R2-D2" for obvious reasons.


Next is the pale blue dialled model, I got this as a non-worker but someone had just not put the battery in correctly.


Cheers, Bob.
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