The Casio Edifice EQB-600 Smartphone

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The Casio Edifice EQB-600 Smartphone

Post by koimaster » September 28th 2016, 9:10am

The sheer number and variety of smartwatches, connected watches, fitness trackers, and so on continues to proliferate. The biggest recent news was of course the introduction of the Apple Watch Series 2, which, with its new OS, both broadens the scope of possible applications for the watch and gives it an ability to focus more specifically on fitness and fitness related apps. The idea of making a watch that doesn't try to be everything to everyone, but instead fills a certain purpose and appeals strongly to a certain audience, seems to be one we'll see more of, and this is the direction in which Casio seems to be going too.


We're fans of the G-Shock at HODINKEE, but we've also covered Casio's Smart Outdoor Watch, which, while a full-on Android Wear smartwatch, is also specifically aimed at outdoorsmen and women who will both appreciate and actually use its sensor technology. The Edifice EQB-600 Smartphone Link with 3-D Globe Dial on the other hand isn't a smartwatch, but rather a connected device that specifically concentrates on using the smartphone as a control device for the watch, as well as time reference.

The basic principle is very straightforward. Your phone has a GPS receiver and the ability to use both GPS and the triangulation of your position from Wifi access points, to establish your position on Earth to a high degree of accuracy. You can put a GPS receiver into a smartwatch or connected watch (several companies have done it across an increasingly large range of models), but using a standalone watch GPS receiver can be a dicey proposition if you don't have a clear view (for whatever reason) of at least four GPS satellites in the sky overhead. That, plus the power consumption required for GPS, means that it can still make sense to have a watch that uses the GPS signal from your phone, which reduces power drain and increases accuracy. Significantly, a world time watch that pulls location data from your smartphone can also just use the location data provided by cell phone towers, so there's no need to rely only on GPS. ... lobal-dial


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