Smartwatches Might Be Getting Good

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Smartwatches Might Be Getting Good

Post by Darksider » September 21st 2016, 11:28pm

Yesterday the Apple Watch Series 2 went on sale, marking the first major (or at least major-ish) update to the marquee smartwatch. Love it or hate it, the smartwatch isn't going away anytime soon and its one gadget in our lives that's still rapidly changing as it tries to find a foothold in our lives. Sure, here at HODINKEE HQ it's going to be a little tough to convince us to put down our vintage Submariners and hand-crafted perpetual calendars in favor of something with batteries, but that doesn't mean smartwatches aren't worth paying attention to – especially right now. According to the folks over at Wired, they're just starting to get good.

Springing off from the latest Apple Watch release, Wired's David Pierce walks us through the basics of why smartwatches have had a hard time catching on, even after years of non-stop promotion from the world's biggest electronics companies. But, in a turn, he then demonstrates why the latest crop of watches – Apple's included – show a better understanding of what customers actually want (hint: it's not games or apps that teach you to breathe better) and finally offer something new. We're still in early days, but finally we might be on the right path. ... ting-good/

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