“Sicura by Breitling”

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“Sicura by Breitling”

Post by koimaster » June 5th 2021, 7:44pm

lets start with a little bombshell and get this settled once and for all

There is no , and never has been a, ‘Sicura by Breitling’ watch, thats right , its a fabrication to sell vintage Sicura watches on eBay !

So here’s the deal

When Mr Breitling was losing his health and was losing the ‘war against the quartz watches’ , Mr Breitling liquidated the business at the end of the 1970ies . He paid off his debtors , sold the inventory , machinery, manufacturing lines , spare parts etc .

Also for sale were several trademarks like ‘Chronomat’ , ‘Navitimer’ , and all the others. Rumour has it he did not want to sell the ‘Breitling’ brandname while he was alive.

So the spares , trademarks and machinery were sold and one of the buyers was Mr E Schneider , CEO and Owner of the Sicura watch brand. A brand that made and sold cheap mechanical and quartz watches. Mr Schneider bought all the trademarks as he felt they were valuable and he passed on all the hardware and inventory as he already had machinery in his Sicura factory



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