date the early Breitling

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date the early Breitling

Post by koimaster » June 5th 2021, 7:41pm

How to date the early Breitling Navitimers by bezel beads

This is my personal investigation , and work in progress, helped by comments that I read on the Breitlingsource vintage board. I have taken all comments into consideration, even though I do not agree with all comments, and they have helped me come to the below conclusions.

Counting beads (yes really !)

So far I have found 6 different ‘rice bead’ bezels on Breitling Navitimer watches and I agree with Kurt B that “More beads is older” I just needed to verify this statement for myself (sorry Kurt ! :D ) so here are my findings.
If I find Navitimers with other bead counts , and if they are all correct and can be properly dated, I will add them to this list


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