The Concord Watch

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The Concord Watch

Post by koimaster » March 26th 2020, 3:49pm

In-Depth The Man Who Flew From NYC To London Faster Than Any Civilian In History, And The Watch That Marks His Trip
"The Concorde is great. It gives you three extra hours to find your luggage." – Bob Hope

Pilot Leslie Scott's watch had been sitting in a safety deposit box for many years. Now retired, he wears an Apple Watch, and for most of his career, including the record-breaking flight he's known for, he wore a Seiko that he's lost track of. But it's this watch that means the most to him.

The battery was long dead, nary a character displayed on either of the two digital screens that characterize the Breitling Aerospace ref. 65062. Except this wasn't any ordinary Breitling Aerospace. In place of the standard applied marker at 9 o'clock is an "M2" symbol, and at 3 o'clock, a side profile of the British Airways Concorde, a supersonic airliner known for traveling from New York to London in under three hours, less than half the time of any other contemporary airliner. ... 1cc48dd36b


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Post by anonymous-10 » March 26th 2020, 5:59pm

He certainly does have British teeth.
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Re: The Concord Watch

Post by biglove » March 26th 2020, 6:39pm

A really enjoyable read and much needed break from current stress.
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Re: The Concord Watch

Post by bbattle » March 27th 2020, 4:20am

Concorde was only allowed to land at two airports in the US; Kennedy in NYC and Huntsville, AL. We had friends fly in on the Concorde back in '99. Small, very loud, lots and lots of free champagne. bathroom was a torture chamber.

Because of Redstone Arsenal and MSFC, our airport has nice, long runways and plenty of elbow room. Airlines use our airport to train pilots; they do touch and go loops. I've seen the Big Guppy cargo plane parked at the commercial area. C-5 Galaxies and C-130's, too.

That Breitling is a nice looking watch but I'd like to know what model Seiko that pilot was wearing. As long as it wasn't a GS, I could buy one just like it.
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Re: The Concord Watch

Post by bobbee » March 27th 2020, 5:40am

I remember when the Brittania Park opened in the 80's, it was a large funfair/playground situated one mile from my house, and Concorde flew tight circles (well over a mile across) overhead. Very exciting.
As an aside, when the park was sold a few years later it was renamed ' The American Adventure', and featured live bison, panning for gold, gunfights with live actors on horseback at 'the O.K. corral' thrice daily.
There was a new ride that was opened by Buzz Aldrin, with a double loop the loop.
We bought a family season ticket and went at least once a week.
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