The Breitling Curtiss Warhawk Collection

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The Breitling Curtiss Warhawk Collection

Post by Racer-X » February 21st 2019, 9:34pm

"While it isn’t exactly breaking news, we have the lifting of an embargo on the new Breitling Curtiss Warhawk collection. Curiously, Breitling showed one of the models back in November, but we are now treated to a three-piece collection of non limited special edition watches. Let’s take a look.

Before we get into the details of the Breitling Curtiss Warhawk collection, there’s a little bit of news that comes along with this release and its in regard to one of the brand’s model lines. It’s now officially official that the “Navitimer 8” name is dead and is replaced by the “Aviator 8” moniker. The Navi 8’s, if you’ll recall, were the first watches released by Breitling under the lead of Georges Kern and they were pretty well received, but the use of the Navitimer name confused a lot of souls. Funny, if these souls can read the time on a normal Navitimer, I am not sure why they couldn’t understand that the 8’s were simply an addition to the Navi lineup (that’s a joke). No, instead, people were asking if the traditional Navi had been cancelled (that would be akin to Omega cancelling the Moonwatch), so Breitling cut the confusion by renaming the line to “Aviator”. We will see this phase in over a period of time as the brand sells its remaining stock of Navi 8’s. Got it? Good."
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