New Seiko Chrono Channels Pogue

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Re: New Seiko Chrono Channels Pogue

Post by jason_recliner » July 7th 2024, 4:13am

conjurer wrote:
July 6th 2024, 7:44pm
Nice, but they have to get rid of the 24 hour dial and replace it with something useful, like a sun/moon indicator.
Those effing 24-hour subdials! I keep forgetting about them. Wouldn't you make it a second timezone if you were designing a movement?
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Re: New Seiko Chrono Channels Pogue

Post by Nuvolari » July 7th 2024, 7:37am

Agree with the thoughts above.

And even then… it would be hard to love unless the date is set by pushing the crown - like the original - which I doubt.

Otherwise it has the same connection to its past as a New Beetle - which is to say, none.

The design idea did not evolve - it was ‘resurrected’…🖕
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