Seiko 5 Sports GMT SSK005

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Re: Seiko 5 Sports GMT SSK005

Post by conjurer » March 31st 2023, 10:39pm

Interestingly, I own one of these:


And, while it's a pretty watch, mine is surprisingly bad.

This should have been a slam dunk for Seiko. The whole SKX-Sports 5 thing was, I suppose, a way to keep the traditional SKX architecture alive and vibrant for all the skinny-jeans and porkpie hat wearing Gen Zs, with tie-ins to stupid shit like skateboarders and Manga comics and other sorts of horseshit, but what it really did was remind all Boomer and slightly younger collectors of the death of the actual SKX series, which was, in its way, as iconic a diver as the Sub and 40 Fathoms.

The GMT should have been a cool and interesting addition to the watered down Sports 5. Speaking only of what I own, the watch sucks. The accuracy is laughably poor. I've logged *15 seconds and -30 seconds on consecutive days. My old SKX007 was also pretty inaccurate (although better than the GMT), but then it cost a couple of hundred bucks, it was WR to 200 meters, and would probably run somewhat reliably for many years.

The Sports 5 is one of those watches that are too good to be true. Seiko, I suppose, could have made these worth the five hundred bucks they charge if they had, well, made them passingly accurate. They didn't, and as a result, Seiko fucked the pooch yet again.
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Re: Seiko 5 Sports GMT SSK005

Post by bbattle » April 1st 2023, 2:22pm

I gave my modded SKX007 to my grandson-in-law. The orange dial gets a lot of attention; something a Presbyterian minister needs.

I am hoping that Seiko is just pulling a Microsoft; making Windows Me or Vista so bad on purpose so that they could sell a bajillion of the "new and improved" version. Seiko is waiting for the samurai sword to get in from the forge so the idiot that changed the SKX can commit hari-kari.

Or that time that Coke replaced their classic with NEW Coke. Gag!

Or the entire US automakers output in the 70's. WTF?
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