Seiko’s new Presage ‘Style 60s’

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Seiko’s new Presage ‘Style 60s’

Post by koimaster » July 14th 2021, 11:09pm

Call a wrist watch with an elapsed time function a “stopwatch” in the presence of some horophiles and there’s a good chance you’ll attract a disdainful look that translates as “Do you mean a chronograph?”.

But despite holding the title of “Japan’s first wrist chronograph”, Seiko’s Crown of 1964 really was more “stopwatch” than chrono as we know it. It was operated by a single button, had no subdials and measured elapsed times of up to 60 seconds with its central hand, leaving longer periods to be monitored using the minute hand and rotating bezel.

The watch was launched to coincide with the last time Tokyo hosted the Summer Olympics, of which Seiko was the official timer. But while the Crown might not have been the ideal precision instrument with which to verify that America’s “Bullet” Bob Hayes really did equal what was then the men’s 100 metres world record (10.06 seconds), it was ideal for less crucial tasks, and, more importantly, it carried off the tool-watch look to perfection. ... -style-60s


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