Grand Seiko & Japan’s 24 Seasons

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Grand Seiko & Japan’s 24 Seasons

Post by koimaster » March 24th 2021, 7:28pm

The fact that Grand Seiko acknowledges 24 seasons rather than four is not surprising considering Japan’s deep reverence for nature and order. That same attention to detail goes into Seiko’s elite sister brand. The GMT Twenty-Four Seasons series acknowledges the tradition of celebrating the course of nature by breaking the four seasons down into six subtle stages within each, for a total of 24 seasonal phases or sekki.

This is the third 24-sekki series, which is part of Grand Seiko’s Heritage collection. It debuted in 2019 with a four-piece limited edition for the U.S. market. Grand Seiko followed up last year with a duo of watches representing soko, the seasonal phase occurring at the end of autumn. This year, a series of four watches represent the four main seasons, embodying the spirit of all 24. ... 234600151/


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Re: Grand Seiko & Japan’s 24 Seasons

Post by bedlam » March 25th 2021, 5:36pm

I hadn't heard of 24 seasons in Japanese culture before. I'm thinking its a typo.

That said, the Aboriginals here in Sth West Oz have 6 seasons...and that fits the weather here way better than the european 4 season concept.
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