Seiko New 2020 Styles

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Seiko New 2020 Styles

Post by koimaster » August 31st 2020, 1:19pm

I just pre-ordered the same Seiko watch IWB did. it was a toss up though with the Salmon dial version. There is a drop box in the right hand corner that will give you currency options. Also taking a hard look at the Seiko Presage - 39.3mm Sharp Edge series which has a snowflake style dial.


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Re: Seiko New 2020 Styles

Post by biglove » August 31st 2020, 1:48pm

Waiting for the new Seiko sharp edge price to drop. Booyah!
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Re: Seiko New 2020 Styles

Post by bedlam » August 31st 2020, 7:20pm

Things don't seem to have changed all that much. The 1000m Tuna is the same price it was a decade ago.

I think there is a bigger number of mid-priced vs low-cost options so the perception of cost has changed.
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Re: Seiko New 2020 Styles

Post by AlbertaTime » August 31st 2020, 8:30pm

Back a few years, Aries Lee (at the time a deputy general manager at Sea-Gull) said the brand he most admired was A. Lange & Söhne, stating "In a few years, with two or three hundred employees for a production of around 5,000 watches per year, the brand has moved to the top. This is an example for Sea-Gull."

Although my own collection, and most of my knowledge (such as it is), lies in another niche in the collecting world, I admire Seiko. They're a company to learn from. They have a formidable history, and they do a huge range of things very well.
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