Seiko 62MAS -1st Seiko Pro Diver

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Seiko 62MAS -1st Seiko Pro Diver

Post by koimaster » August 13th 2020, 5:05pm

Original Seiko 62MAS

Ask a vintage Seiko collector about their area(s) of focus and the responses are myriad. Some are into chronographs, some like Grand Seikos, King Seikos or Lord Marvels. Others may veer off into the outer reaches of quartz, Vanac’s, DX’s or Alpinists. While I appreciate this and often find myself venturing into the realm of several of these styles, I have a particular affinity to one genre: the divers.

Yes, dive watches, new and old, have been and are currently quite popular. I think most collectors like the fact that the watches generally have a masculine, purpose-built look, but there’s also the appeal that the watches generally have a capability, in-depth, far beyond what most of us are willing or able to explore. Could it be this unwrapped potential in a dive watch that makes it so interesting? Perhaps, and when considering vintage dive watches, I think it also takes many of us back to thoughts of Jacques Cousteau, James Bond, or, maybe, even Captain Nemo on his Nautilus. Well, whatever the reason, we seem to lust after them and do a more than efficient job of pumping up the prices of vintage pieces, no matter the maker. Just take a look at eBay and see some of the prices attained for ratty older specimens from brands that lasted barely long enough to even plan a dive trip. ... -by-seiko/


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