Seiko SARB035 Review: Discontinued

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Seiko SARB035 Review: Discontinued

Post by koimaster » April 28th 2020, 9:16pm

The “white dial dress watch” is something that we tip toe around at TBWS. It’s like the home project that keeps getting put on the back burner when a higher priority project or task comes along.

For me it’s been updating the tile on the kitchen backsplash in my home. Whenever we seem to be ready to pull the trigger, something always comes up and the kitchen update takes a back seat. The white dial dress watch falls into that same role in my watch collection. Every time that I would consider something more elegant, figuring out my diver / driver / flyer combo took priority.

I’m not alone. Many of my fellow enthusiasts have been working towards that same three-watch goal. Now that the end of that journey is here, where does that leave us? We need that new hunt. The “white dial dress watch” (or just simply dress watch) tends to be the next quest. Who knew it would lead many to Seiko*? ... forgotten/


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Re: Seiko SARB035 Review: Discontinued

Post by labman » April 29th 2020, 9:23am

I picked mine up from biglove (Thanks again Travis :Thumbsup:) and really like it.

The fit and finish for the price point are hard to beat, the only thing that I felt should have been done better by Seiko is more micro adjustment holes on the clasp or a half link.

I ended up getting a super oyster from strapcode which, IMO, is an upgrade over the original bracelet.

Definitely a nice watch.
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