Seiko “Turtle”: From Past until Present

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Seiko “Turtle”: From Past until Present

Post by koimaster » April 22nd 2020, 2:32pm

he Seiko “Turtle” is one of the Japanese watch maker’s best selling and iconic watches. Its timeless cushion case design has captivated generations of watch lovers up until this day.

The popular “Turtle” lineup started when Seiko manufactured the 6306 in 1976 and eventually the 6309 which is an identical cousin of the 6306 with a few differences (hacking movement and Kanji day wheel). The 6309 was eventually produced up until 1988 and was well-loved for years.

Then come 2016 when Seiko announced that they will be producing a re-issue of the popular “turtle” diver into its modern counterpart and specifications.

It all exploded from there. Vintage and new collectors, enticed by the revival of the Seiko Cult Classic, tried to snatch up model after model of both old and new Seiko Turtles.

Limited or Numbered edition owners benefited the most out of the Seiko Turtle trend as their pieces either maintained a healthy resale value or even doubled in value due to the supply and demand.

Here is a complete list of all Seiko “Turtle” models from 1976 until today (2018, excludes models from then until today).

Note: The list is a work in progress and will be constantly updated whenever a new Turtle releases comes out or if I missed a previously released model


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