Seiko 61xx and 70xx calibres

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Seiko 61xx and 70xx calibres

Post by Darksider » August 18th 2016, 2:18pm

Seiko 61xx and 70xx calibres

by Adriano Ramos Passarelli

The automatic calibres 61xx and 70xx are the most popular calibres from Seiko. They are from a time when Seiko produced movements in large quantities, with an enormous variety of models, with innumerable combinations of cases and dials. They are also very known by having equipped the famous collection "Seiko 5", that was exported to the entire world. They are robust movements, recognized for its durability and resistance to the "daily punishments". There are innumerable histories of watches equipped with these movements that still function perfectly after 30 years without any kind of care or overhauls.

The 61xx line of calibres

The 61xx is a line designed and manufactured by the Suwa Seikosha. It is a line with a great number of variants, to equip since the simplest models till the "high-end" ones as the chronographs and the Grand Seiko 61GS. The most known variant is calibre 6119. It is known for having equipped the basic collections, as the famous "Seiko 5", wich had a very numerous production, and had been exported to the whole world. The 6119 is also known and recognized by its robustness and precision. These are not characteristics only of 6119, but of all the 61xx line, that has calibre 6106 as the base-calibre.

The main characteristic of the line, in design terms, is the adoption of a great diameter balance wheel, and mainly, of the modular design of the automatic winding system. The entire automatic winding system is separated in a module, very easy of being disassembled, what results in an enormous practicity when overhauling.
It is added with the patented Magic-lever, that produces an extremely efficient winding, excusing the need of auxiliary winding by the crown.

The 61xx line appeared in 1967 with calibre 6106, that is the base-movement for the line. The line is predominated by automatics, to the exception of three variants, the 6100 (61A), 6102 and 6110, that are manual winding. This is a curious information and little known.

Great part of the line 61xx was discontinued between 1974 and 1975. The exceptions are the calibre 6105 that remained equipping the famous Seiko Divers 150m up to 1977 and the chronographs 6139 and 6138 remained till 1979. ... index.html

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