Qualified for Time Travel: SEIKO 4S36 GMT Retrograde SARN001

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Qualified for Time Travel: SEIKO 4S36 GMT Retrograde SARN001

Post by koimaster » January 13th 2020, 10:05am

Qualified for Time Travel: SEIKO 4S36 GMT Retrograde SARN001
09-10-10, 12:55
20:18 UTC, 20TH JULY, 2169 AD

The only sound to punctuate the silence was the faint bleeping as the hyperconductor circuit switches between states. The pre-chamber was a familiar place, having spent hundreds of hour in this small white-walled confine. It could have easily been just another day of training, if not for the crowd gathering in the viewing room overlooking the pre-chamber and the chronoporter attached. Today is different. Today will be the first time that he—or for that matter, any single human being before him—will leave this room, through a way other than the door.

Today is also the Bi-Centenary of the first Lunar landing in 1969, and 50 years since man has stepped on the frozen surface of Europa, Jupiter’s moon. Man has conquered the expanses of space in ways never before possible. But today, the ultimate frontier will be conquered, the impossible realized, fiction turned into non-fiction, dreams made history. This time, no distance will be traveled. No space suit or breathing apparatus is required. The trip will only last 15 seconds each way, and he will return here, to this pre-chamber, in precisely 2 hours and 30 minutes.

But unlike space exploration, his voyage will usher in a new world order--one where the boundary of Time itself will be broken.

As outlined in the International Chrononautic Administration (ICA) operations procedure, chrononauts must return to their point of origin, but not to the same time co-ordinate, as doing so would disrupt the biological entity transported through time. This means that, when a chrononaut leaves the origin for a 10 hour mission, they must return 10 hours after the time of insertion, so that their body’s aging process can occur naturally. Failing to follow this procedure, the chrononaut could easily die of old age after only a year of service.

He makes a final check of his thermo one-piece suit. Made of nano-material, the molecular structure of the fabric is made up of billions of nano-machines capable of altering the surface of the fabric, resulting in a seamless protection against the elements. Before sealing his suit, he picks up the last and most important piece of equipment. This single piece of equipment will ensure he returns safely to “his” time, but also taking into account the elapse time during his mission.

He ensures that the power reserve is at its 50 hour maximum—there’s a possibility that he may pass out in the time vortex. He then carefully calibrates the instrument with the atomic clock in the chamber—time, day, and date. Finally, the upper crown is pulled out and the time is adjusted for the destination—10 hours into the future.

Exactly 200 years earlier, the first watch to be worn on the Moon was a manual-wound chronograph, due to the fact that the stopwatch function is essential for calculating flight trajectory. In the 22nd Century, time travels necessitates dual time-zones functionality. Furthermore, the controlled fusion process, which provides gargantuan amount of energy needed to warp the fabric of time, also generates a strong electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that can fry circuit boards on quartz, solar-powered, and even Spring Drive, watches. Thus, only mechanical GMT watches are ICA-Qualified for Time Travel Missions. While the Swiss may have been the first to invent GMT watches, they did not stand a chance against Japan in the Time Race that began around 2150 AD.

The silence is broken by a low-pitched drone of the fusion reactor. He puts on this timepiece as the one-minute countdown commences, and walks into the chronoporter. Immediately, the nano-material of his suit and left-hand glove seal up the Seiko GMT on his wrist…

...A rather long lead-in to a review that is best described as the cocktail between two earlier reviews I had written. Many of you may have already read about my fascination with dual time-zone watches in From Another Time (http://www.timekeeper.co.nz/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=476). There, I contemplated about the notion of journey made and yet to be made, and of yearning to reach across the meridians. Our interest with time travel, as apparent in many mediums of popular culture, could perhaps be interpreted as our wish to reach across the fabric of time itself.

The following is also a story, though not a fictional one. This is the chronicle of Seiko’s GMT watches.

No GMT story is complete without the mention of the first Rolex GMT Master, introduced in 1954, and used in aviation for tracking Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which was the reason for the namesake. In the early 1970s, the aviation industry standards switched to Universal Time Coordinate (UTC) as the reference time zone for pilots, though the GMT Master retained it name until the present day.

A decade after the release of the Rolex, Japan was host of the Tokyo Olympics (1964) for which the Official Timer was Seiko. To commemorate the momentous World gathering, Suwa Seikosha introduced a befitting timepiece--the 6217-7000 World Time (MASWT), Seiko’s first GMT watch.

https://www.timekeeper.co.nz/forum/watc ... de-sarn001

Qualified for Time Travel.pdf
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Re: Qualified for Time Travel: SEIKO 4S36 GMT Retrograde SARN001

Post by Thunder1 » January 13th 2020, 12:11pm

I be likin' my SARN001 & Credor GCBT993..
Seiko Sarn001 4s36(1).JPG
Seiko Credor GCBT 993 4s-76-00(5).JPG
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