So JS has been fired. BFD!!

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Re: So JS has been fired. BFD!!

Post by morgan1124 » April 20th 2011, 11:20am

For me with JS..knew it was a carney show with the yelling and telling everyone if you are not on the phone you will not get it ! Absolute BS ! Plus the crap about FF and so called Reserve Watches being built by there the top 10% of their watchmakers was all nonsence..look at the numerous issues and cover ups. Plus there attitude on there forum of my way or the highway says alot about that forum. Invicta will continue to go on as long as uneducated buyers think they are getting a deal. Mike Turdling is just a front man for Lalo...hopefully JS will wind up like the WC..gone for good but doubt it. He will resurface somewhere
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