Hello to all from Silent Sam

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Re: Hello to all from Silent Sam

Post by Aqua Homer » February 19th 2011, 2:32pm

Silver backs rule! Fuck off Sam. Your shit is late as hell, and has been hashed out many years ago, on many other forums. You have no understanding of the movement/made issue. And to CACREW. You are quite the wordsmith, and I thoroughly enjoy your posts, here. Please keep it up.
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Re: Hello to all from Silent Sam

Post by DoctorIvey » June 1st 2022, 6:22am

I don’t know. I think he writes fairly well, for an Internet forum, and his basic premise was okay (if hardly earth shattering). He lost me with his Marxism. What’s that you say?
The markets set prices. I think it’s crazy to spend 15k on a used watch that I can buy new from the AD for 10…in six months. I also think it’s crazy and stupid to spend five hundred dollars to see The Beach Boys. But that’s, you know, just like my opinion man. Do smart people only spend the bare minimum on items that are good values designed to get the job done?
So, to summarize, anybody who doesn’t agree with Silent Sam is stupid and in denial. Probably on his way to one of those snake wrangling churches, driving an Edsel and steering with his feet while throwing money out the window.
Point 2, the guy starts off all jocular with the aw shucks down home attitude of a snake oil salesman and pivots to religion, implying that anybody who buys a Swiss watch is a rube in a cult. Because, you know, only simpletons believe in a higher power. Because, presumably it’s at odds with science and reason. (Better tell Isaac Newton. Dope probably would have worn a Rolex.)
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