Trolls and their agenda

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Re: Trolls and their agenda

Post by DX » January 12th 2011, 2:58pm

Guys, when I deal with shitbirds I change my name to Cisco Kid...

When I do that.... I lose access to this forum (Members Only)

I thought I was out there alone... I did my best, I just went on instinct.

I had no idea.
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Re: Trolls and their agenda

Post by Horse Feathers » January 12th 2011, 4:17pm

dude wrote:Agh. I bit hard on their shit. Like I shared with one of esteemed members . . . 5 decades on this earth and I'm still learning. Tsk,Tsk. Shame on me.

Not going to happen again. These cats can behave as badly as they want, I need to keep my head straight and in the game.

I stayed out until the "short bus" comment

From now on I will read the signs and STFU

"I did lose a pusher pulling it out of the mug however
it doesn't affect functionality"

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Re: Trolls and their agenda

Post by bigedsurf » January 13th 2011, 3:10am

direct from the waterboyz..........Originally Posted by TMK View Post
It means a fraud commited on the unsuspecting that sign up expecting that there won't be makes them feel superior but the minute the heat gets cranked up, even a little, they behave like Holbrook and get all holier than though on you...picking on KP for his "short bus" fucking lame is that...there isn't one of those guys that ever made the long bus...yeah, I said it...and then the comment that "learning disability" might be a prejorative's not like he called the guys kid a tard...a term they used BTW...nice double standard pussylords
I like the fact the one of them morons throws around the fact he was a paratrooper for 20+ years yet can't behave with any self restraint, he wouldn't have survived booth camp IMHO but what do I know
time flies.........
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