Clone Movements

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Clone Movements

Post by koimaster » February 21st 2010, 12:36pm

The legal and intellectual property status of clone movements has yet to be determined. Many of today's popular ETA movements are based on decades-old movements, some of which were developed by marques which went bankrupt in the 1960's and 70's. If these movements were patented, are the patents still valid? The most prevalent Miyota and Seiko movements are similar-aged. Are their designs still protected by law?

In the case of Chinese clones of these famous movements, each clone has subtle differences which make it unique from the originals - do these variations in effect render them their own, unique movements? If not... what about instances such as the ST16, where are clearly influenced by an earlier movement design yet deviate substantially from that design with additional refinements and features?

We endeavor to find the factual answerers for these questions. Here is what we know so far:


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